The Premature Ovarian Failure Threatens woman Health

The Premature Ovarian Failure Threatens woman Health

The ovary is the reproductive organ inside the female body. It can produce and discharge germ cells and secrete various kinds of female hormones like estrogen and progestational hormone. It is the source for women to keep young and healthy. Therefore, the health situation of ovary can greatly affect the female health. However, more and more women are troubled by the premature ovarian failure in recent years. The disease can seriously threaten the women's health. It can affect the physical situation from various aspects.

The premature ovarian failure can accelerate the aging of the human skin. It can make the skin dry and accelerate the formation of wrinkles. The secretion of sebaceous gland can be excessively stimulated. The female figure can even be changed to cause partial obesity. The fat in the chest can be forced to flow to other body parts like arms, which can seriously threaten the health of breasts. The disease can even affect the normal metabolism, disturb the internal secretion and bring the menopause forward. It can cause various diseases, such as painful menstruation and osteoporosis. The premature ovarian failure can also affect the mental state of women to cause insomnia and anxiety. The ovarian tumor is a kind of common ovarian disease. It can decrease the normal functions of the ovary and seriously threaten the physical health. It can even cause some complications to threaten women's life.

In order to prevent and treat the ovarian diseases in time, women should go to hospital for medical check regularly. Except the medical check, six good habits can help women resist the disease effectively.

First, women should increase the intake of the foods containing vegetarian estrogen, such as soy bean, wheat and onion. Women can supplement estrogen for themselves by drinking soybean milk every day.

Second, women should frequently drink fresh milk so as to prevent osteoporosis caused by the decreasing ovarian functions.

Third, women should quit smoking.

Fourth, women should take exercises moderately. The exercises like swimming and yoga can help women protect the ovary and relax themselves.

Fifth, women should decrease the intake of salt, alcohol and coffee so as to decrease the risks of getting osteoporosis.

Sixth, it is necessary for women to supplement vitamin E in daily life. Vitamin E can not only strengthen the ovarian functions but also resist the oxidation to defer the aging of internal organs. These six skills should be made use of comprehensively to protect the ovary for women.

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